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Here are the audio recordings of my monthly LinkedIn Sofa slot on the You Are The Media podcast. Mark Masters and Chris Huskins run the show – I contribute with my LinkedIn ramblings.The newest recordings are listed first.

You Are The Media podcast

LinkedIn “see more” break points

January 2020

LinkedIn tip of the year

December 2019

Selling on LinkedIn

November 2019

LinkedIn search engine optimiation (SEO)

October 2019

LinkedIn video captions

September 2019

The frequency and timing of LinkedIn posts

August 2019

LinkedIn followers versus connections

July 2019

LinkedIn media items

April 2019

LinkedIn commenting

March 2019

LinkedIn engagement guide (3 parts)

December 2018 to February 2019 – read accompanying blog



LinkedIn company pages

November 2018 – read accompanying blog

LinkedIn view counts explained

October 2018 – read accompanying blog

Don’t use the LinkedIn Share button

September 2018 – read accompanying blog

How to share links on LinkedIn via the write-post-edit method

August 2018 – read accompanying blog

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