Content DNA.

Want your business to be noticed, remembered and preferred?

About this book.

For more than a decade, I’ve written for clients who need helpful content that creates visibility and generates revenue.

With my help, those clients have discovered and embraced their Content DNA. But what is that? 

Content DNA is the handful of building blocks that define the unique “shape” of a business. 

This book shows how staying true to your shape will help you build a business presence that’s noticed, remembered and preferred.

  • DISCOVER the unique "shape" of your business
  • CREATE content that serves your ideal clients
  • BUILD a business presence that wins

Amazon review snippets.


“It was like having a three-hour conversation with a friend giving me tips on how to improve my business.”


“John’s down to earth (and no BS) guidance on great copywriting, how to edit, and how to use copy for sales (without being a Douche Canoe) is advice anyone with ANY kind of business should read.”


“If you’re ready to up your game and uncover the true value of content marketing, while enjoying more than a few laughs along the way, this is a MUST BUY!”


“Everything you ever wanted to know about content marketing your business, you’ll get from this book.”

PS. Here’s a sample you’ll find helpful: chapter 9’s long list of brand values.