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Web pages, articles & case studies. 

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Improve your website’s most visible written content. 

Make your product or service easy to understand.

Build authority through in-depth expert articles.

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B2B technical copywriting.

Boring content gets ignored.

Clear, engaging and fun content gets noticed.

I write relentlessly helpful website pages, expert articles and case studies for B2B businesses that want to sound human and conversational.


Content DNA.

All my best tips on how to define your brand identity and create content that helps you get noticed, remembered and preferred.

Common questions.

My rates for copywriting and LinkedIn support are listed on my pricing page.


My process is simple. 

  1. You get in touch to tell me what you need.
  2. You can send me a non-disclosure agreement to sign if you wish.
  3. You send me a sample of your current content (if you have any).
  4. We agree on the scope, timescale and price.
  5. I work remotely to create content for you.

I work in B2B and usually help small and medium-sized businesses, in fields such as accountancy, engineering, IT and manufacturing. 

I also serve big brands such as Sky, Virgin and Fujitsu as well as many others I can’t name because of non-disclosure agreements. 

When we kick off a writing project, I ask you to answer my briefing questions, which include:

🔘 Who is the primary audience?

🔘 What problems do you solve for your customers?

🔘 Where will the text appear?

Check out my full set of questions:

Briefing questions for copywriting clients

A technical copywriter explains how stuff works. 

When I started learning about LinkedIn in 2017, I decided to share what I learned as I went along.

Now, I’ve become known for my clear and helpful tips on using LinkedIn. 

See my LinkedIn Learner Lounge

I offer two LinkedIn support packages: 

🔘 Backstage – personalised recorded video to review your LinkedIn profile.

🔘 VIP All Access – Backstage plus a rewrite of your headline and About section, and a 30-minute consultation.

Check out the details and book now:

LinkedIn 1-to-1 support

Yes, as well as writing web pages and case studies, I can also create expert articles for your blog and for LinkedIn.

Check out the details:

B2B blog & article writing

Content DNA is about defining the “shape” of your brand and then using the power of consistency and congruence to create content that builds authority and establishes trust. 

It’s aimed at business owners who want to take better control of their marketing so that they can be noticed, remembered and preferred. 

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John McKenzie

Senior Customer Journey Leader - TV

Thanks for doing these, and making it so easy for me to sign off also.

Sometimes you get people that try to make it complicated, but you made it such an ease, even with comments and the feedback, so much appreciated.

Alex Brown Senior

Senior Product Manager

John has been a huge help on our big email unification project – one of the biggest email projects in the world as far as ISP consolidations go.

A top man and no hesitation to recommend.

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